How Can a Whole-Body Massage Enhance Sex and the Love-Making Experience

How Can a WholeBody Massage Enhance Sex and the LoveMaking Experience

Many men are hesitant to try tantric massage in London. You might be wondering why men resist this concept. Here are some reasons men don't want to have massage-based sex. Firstly, men don't like to be warmed up for genital play. This means that you need to provide a warm, gentle massage to get them to open up.

Why Men Resist Massage-Based Sex

It is a great way for men to have sex longer and to explore their erogenous areas. Some men are uncomfortable with this type of sex, however, because it does not seem overtly sexual. Massage also increases blood flow, which leads to increased sensitivity, lubrication, and orgasms.

Men must learn that the best love making involves the whole body and not just the penis. It prevents premature ejaculation or erections. The penis is stimulated by whole-body lovemaking. Penis balking can cause premature ejaculation, wilting erections, and spills. A whole-body caress allows the penis to relax and function better, resulting in a longer lasting erection.


One of the primary reasons men resist massage-based sex is the culture they've been exposed to. Pornography, which accounts for 95 percent of genital content, teaches men that sex should be about their genitals. A great sex session starts with half an hour of kissing and cuddling as well as whole-body caresses.

Next, massage your partner slowly and deeply. You can start by relaxing him and working your way up to the lower back. When you reach the lower back, the area has tons of nerve endings, so it's safer to use your palms to knead the area.

gentle massage

A whole-body massage can increase the intensity and pleasure of sex. The massage should be performed with a relaxed and positive attitude by the giver. The exchange of energy between the two people is key, so focus on breathing as well as on your partner's response to the massage. Your partner should also be a part of the process.

Setting boundaries is the first step. This involves setting goals and communicating them with your partner. This can involve releasing something, or offering something in return. You can do this by lighting an intention candle for your body and yourself. This will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

The whole-body massage increases the duration of sex as well as allowing for more exploration of erogenous areas. Although some people resist this method of intimacy because it doesn't seem overly sexual, it is an excellent way to increase your sexual and love-making experience. It increases blood flow throughout the body, which results in increased lubrication and heightened sensitivity. This can also lead to greater orgasms.



Sensual massages are not only relaxing but also improve your mood. It improves your body's ability to focus on what it needs. You may feel drowsy as you massage your partner. In a sensual massage, your partner will be relaxed and comfortable, and he or she will be more likely to want more.

It is important to let your partner enjoy the Whole-Body Massage. This activity is more enjoyable when it's performed slowly and mindfully. A good massage can help you bond emotionally and spiritually. The massage should last approximately 20 minutes and you should allow your partner enough time to adjust.

Whole-Body massage also promotes blood circulation and the release of body heat. You can use it as a form of foreplay to explore your partner's erogenous areas. This massage can increase your libido by using essential oils. Some of these oils include lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, tuberose, and sandalwood.