Hypospadias Causes Are Yet to Be Discovered

Like many other types of diseases that start at birth, Hypospadias causes are not really known except for some results from researches and studies saying that this birth defect is inherited. However, there are many sporadic cases of this disease that do not associate with family recurrence or heredity. 

Although, there were number of assumptions that are associated with the effect of androgen inadequacy and external factors that may cause a person to have this birth defect, still real causes remain unknown. However, even though most of the association of external factors with Hypospadias Causes is mostly assumptions and hypothesis, facts cannot be denied that factors such as chemicals termed as endocrine disruptors According to many studies, mothers exposed to endocrine disruptors are those who had vegetarian diet during pregnancy. Furthermore, exposure to endocrine disruptors leads to lesser iron supplements during the early stages of pregnancy. This makes the pregnant mother's body prone to certain diseases such as influenza that is also said to be one of the Hypospadias Karachi Causes. 

Another factor that is said to be one of the Hypospadias Causes is when the prenatal testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone. When this happens, the skin fibroblasts cause the male fetus urethral groove to close. Because of this, during the second trimester of the development of the male fetus, the penile urethra becomes enclosed. Because this part is enclosed, enough supply of androgen is hindered and blocked thereby resulting to testosterone deficiency. 

Though it is not yet really proven, there are accordingly 7% of the Hypospadias cases that were associated with genetic factors. Because of the relatively small percentage, this hypothesis is usually treated null. There are also some cases of Hypospadias that occur during the postnatal period when the insensitivity to androgens occur. There are available treatments for this case like the testosterone treatment however; this kind of treatment doesn't really close the urethra. 

Although Hypospadias Causes are not really proven by reliable evidences, knowing a bit of it helps people become aware of their condition. This is generally applicable to mothers who born male infants. Check the condition of your baby's genital. If you see that his case is not normal, take him to the doctor right away. You definitely do not want your son to suffer the consequences of this disease when he grows up. Being aware of the causes most especially the symptoms will help shorten the time for treatment and suffering.